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 Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place

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MessageSujet: Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place   Dim 26 Fév 2012 - 10:40

Tour 0

Répartition des maisons.
Chaque joueur donne une sélection des maisons en les ordonnançant de 1 à 6.
Un joueur choisissant en choix 1 une maison non choisie par les autres l'obtiendra.
En cas d'égalité sur le choix 1, un tirage au sort départage les joueurs.
On passe ensuite à l'attribution des choix 2 pour les joueurs n'ayant pas de maison attribuée.

Greyjoy :
Martell :
Stark :
Tyrell :

Elguapo Game Guidelines (to keep things going)
1. Attackers
Please be courteous and when you attack also post at a minimum the relative Combat Strengths for each House.
I have found this format useful:
Attacker: units (x) + order (x) + support somewhere (x) = x
Defender: units (x) + order (x) + support somewhere (x) = x
2. Defenders
Once attacker has declared that his House Card has been submitted you are free to post your House Card.
Also please post your retreat area in the event you lose and have surviving troops.
3. Communication
When you have declared your action consider pm'ing the next player.
I know most of us check email more than we do the site.
4. PMs
When communicating via PM, please prefix your communication with the game name.
Also include your house to avoid confusion (eg. "K4 Stark", "K4 - Clash - Bid - Stark")
5. Posting
When posting please use your House name (eg. "Stark musters" rather than "I muster").

XaiviaX's House Rules :

1: Remember to post "leaving token" if you want token left. You can correct it up till next person posts an action. Once next person posts, it's too late.
2: Orders stand as IM'd or posted. Check your stuff for mistakes before sending. If fixed before anyone else takes action, it can be ok.
3: Illegal orders will be removed. (exception: If the only legal order that could have been placed was a support order, then the illegal order will be replaced with a support order. This is because of raids, as it can be advantageous for a player to avoid playing a support order. S will have priority over S*. This may work out in the players favor, that's fine. Remember, these rules are for fairness and consistency to all, not to punish.)
If too many star orders have been played, 1 will randomly be chosen to downgrade until amount is no longer illegal. If no downgrade is available for chosen order, it is pulled. (exception: same as above regarding support orders)
4: No Raven Peek Ability. This is more a personal house rule. I like the ability, but hate it as a mod. Also, my map/board has the ability to show all the information everyone needs and knows, except this. So for forum games I mod, no raven peek ability. It's not like the raven and KC track aren't useful enough anyways.
5: Over Supply: If someone accidentally goes over supply, if it's caught soon enough and is easily fixable, fine. If not, no retroactive penalty will be applied, all players should be aware of everyone's supply limits. Armies over supply limit will have units randomly killed until brought back to proper supply level.

Without all of you, there is no game, so always feel free to chime in. It never hurts to at least ask if you feel something was done or ruled on incorrectly or unfairly in your opinion.

Also, as the Victory Track is on the board, and it's now part of 2nd edition rules, if you can post when your castle amount goes up or down that would be great. Something like:
Baratheon: Dragonstone FM to Crackclaw Point VT to 2

Carte de départ


Eddard Stark Str 4
Robb Stark Str 3 If you win this combat, you may choose the area to which your opponent retreats. You must choose a legal area where your opponent loses the fewest units.
Roose Bolton Str 2 If you lose this combat, return your entire House card discard pile into your hand (incl. this card)
Greatjon Umber Str 2
Ser Rodrick Cassel Str 1
The Blackfish Str 1 You don't take casualties in this combat from House card abilities, Combat icons, or Tides of Battle cards.
Catelyn Stark Str 0 If you have a Defence order token in the embattled area, its value is doubled.

Euron Crow's Eye Str 4
Victarion Greyjoy Str 3 If you are attacking, all of your participating Ships (incl. supporting Greyjoy Ships) add +2 to combat strenght instead of +1.
Theon Greyjoy Str 2 If you are defending an area that contains either a Stronghold or a Castle, this card gains +1 combat strenght and .
Balon Greyjoy Str 2 The printed combat strenght of your opponent's House card is reduced to 0.
Asha Greyjoy Str 1 If you are NOT being supported in this combat, this card gains .
Dagmar Cleftjaw Str 1
Aeron Damphair Str 0 You may immediately discard two of your available Power tokens to discard Aeron Damphair and choose a different House Card from your hand (if able).

Tywin Lannister Str 4 If you win this combat, gain two Power tokens.
Ser Gregor Clegane Str 3
The Hound Str 2
Ser Jaime Lannister Str 2
Tyrion Lannister Str 1 You may immediatelly cancel your opponent's chosen House card and return it to his hand. He must then choose a different House card to reveal. If he has no other House cards in hand, he cannot use a House card this combat.
Ser Kevan Lannister Str 1 If you are attacking, all of your participating Footman (incl. supporting Lannister footmen) add +2 combat strenght instead of +1.
Cersei Lannister Str 0 If you win this combat, you may remove one of the opponent's Order tokens from anywhere on the board.

Stannis Baratheon Str 4 If your opponent has a higher position on the Iron Throne Influence track than you, this card gains +1 combat strenght.
Renly Baratheon Str 3 If you win this combat, you may upgrade one of your participating Footmen (or one supporting Baratheon Footman) to a Knight.
Ser Davos Seaworth Str 2 If Stannis Baratheon House card is in your discard pile, this card gains +1 combat strenght and .
Brienne of Tarth Str 2
Melisandre Str 1
Salladhor Saan Str 1 If you are being supported in this combat, the combat strenght of all non-Baratheon Ships is reduced to 0.
Patchface Str 0 After combat, you may look at your opponent's hand and discard one card of your choice.

Mace Tyrell Str 4 Immediately destroy one of your opponent's attacking or defending Footmen units.
Ser Loras Tyrell Str 3 If you are attacking and win this combat, Move the March Order token into the conquered area (instead of discarding it). The order March may be resolvedagain later this round.
Ser Garlan Tyrell Str 2
Randyll Tarly Str 2
Alester Florent Str 1
Margaery Tyrell Str 1
Queen of Thorns Str 0 Immediately remove one of your opponent's Order tokens in any area adjacent to the embattled area. You may not remove the March Order token used to start this combat.

The Red Viper Str 4
Areo Hotah Str 3
Obara Sand Str 2
Darkstar Str 2
Nymeria Sand Str 1 If you are defending, this card gains . If you are attacking, this card gains .
Arianne Martell Str 1 If you are defending and lose this combat, your opponent may not move his units into embattled area. They return to the area from which they marched. Your own units must still retreat.
Doran Martell Str 0 Immediately move your opponent to the bottom of one Influence track of your choice.

Conditions de victoire :

Sept (7) citées / forteresses (standard)

Choix du type de partie.
Je n'ai pas la boite à la maison mais je suis tenté par une partie seconde édition.
Règles : http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/agot-bg-2nd-ed/support/VA65_AGoT2_Rulebook_web.pdf
FAQ : http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/agot-bg-2nd-ed/support/faq/VA65_AGoT2_FAQ_v1_4.pdf

Vos avis ?

Game Components
Edition: Second
Wildlings Deck
Tides of Battle will be used
Westeros and House cards from second edition.
10 footmen, 5 knights, 2 siege engines and 6 ships for each house.
2-strenght garrisons in homelands for each house.
No one-turn-orders or fortifications at all.
Tide of battle cards?

Changements apportés par la seconde édition (si j'ai bien compris) :
Map : 1 Greyjoy SH starts in Pyke Port
Three Towers and Prince's Pass now connect
Garrisons - on all players Home Areas; add +2 CS to defense but are not units and
may not receive orders.
Units - starting units for all Houses now have +1 KN and -1 SE
Fortifications - there are NO fortifications

Orders: All units must be given an order (if there are orders available)
(eg. if the only order you have left is a CP and you fear a raid you may not choose to leave the unit without an order)
Raid - raiding a CP order now removes 1 power from victim
CP - may now be played on sea zones, but have no effect (but can still be pillaged by raid)
CP* - can be used to muster instead of generate power
Raid* - only removes 1 order (instead of 2), but can also remove defense order

Combat: Text abilities of House Cards are determined by IT order (not Fiefdoms order).

Wildlings: Start at 2.
Wildlings Deck used; the Wildlings cards is not revealed until bidding is complete and
victory/defeat determined.
When wildlings attack, a Night's Watch victory reduces wildling strength to 0;
A defeat reduces strength by 4.
A Wildling Attack can also be triggered when Wildling strength reaches 12.

Influence Tokens: Raven - May now choose between changing an order or viewing the
top card from Wildlings Deck (and may then choose to discard it)
VSB - May use in battle to select a new Tides of Battle Card

House Cards: At the end of a combat, if a player used his last (i.e., seventh) House card,
he then returns the other six House cards currently in his discard pile to his hand.
The last played card remains in the discard pile .

Tides of Battle Cards: In combat, after House Cards have been revealed, both players choose a
Tides of Battle card. VSB holder, if VSB has not been used, may discard
current card and choose a new one.
8x +0 CS
2x +0 CS/Skull
4x +1 CS/Fort
4x +1 CS/Sword
4x +2 CS
2x +3 CS

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MessageSujet: Re: Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place   Dim 26 Fév 2012 - 16:57

Je donne mon véto sur l'utilisation des cartes Tides of Battle

On est pas à Blood Bowl, non à l'aléatoire qui sert à rien. Very Happy

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MessageSujet: Re: Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place   Lun 27 Fév 2012 - 0:44

Marrant, j'étais prêt à mettre le même commentaire quand j'ai vu que tu l'avais déjà mis, je suis contre leur utilisation aussi, ça fout tout en l'air.

Et je suis pour la seconde édition, vu que c'est celle que je connais Smile
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MessageSujet: Re: Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place   Mar 28 Fév 2012 - 0:38

Ayé! j'ai fini de lire les règles (2nd edition, donc je suis aussi pour jouer ça Smile ). Reste juste à lire les cartes...

Petit complément sur la liste des personnages, j'ai ajouté les épées (Swo) et les tours (For) et remplacé les icones manquantes dans le texte par... du texte Smile

Sinon, je suis d'accord avec hardork sur la lisibilité des cartes (particulièrement les pièces Lannister), mais je pense que c'est juste parce que la taillle a été réduite par rapport au fichier photoshop. En pleine taille, ça devrait aller mieux.

Et enfin, quel rythme de jeu vous envisagez?

Dernière édition par amroth le Mar 28 Fév 2012 - 0:43, édité 1 fois (Raison : texte manquant)
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MessageSujet: Re: Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place   

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Partie seconde édition - tour 0 & mise en place
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