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 Jouer Khorne

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MessageSujet: Jouer Khorne   Ven 17 Mai 2013 - 21:34

Les démons de Khorne sont une équipe récente et particulière, avec beaucoup de joueurs avec frénésie et sans blocage...

Best Starting Roster
BT - Herald x2 - Linos X7 - Bloodletter x1 - RR x2.
My goal is to get apoth after first game, then get one BL after another and then a 3RR or leader ASAP.

Ok gameplays/Tactics

Hard to describe whole gameplays but i can writeup some of my ideas, tactics and solutions that give me fairly good success rate with the khorne team, the necro team and my latest OCC team the norse.

Turn by Turn

First i standup knockdown pieces, then i look for unmarked players and move them in to cover, assist or screen wherever they are needed. Then i look for the most secure blocks i can do and start with the 2 dice blocks, either those besides guard pieces or were i got the numerical advantage with assists. Before i start using the standing blocks i also watch for blitz targets and weight in which is the most important move and do that first. At some points it can be more important using a few blocks before a blitz and at others times a blitz could be required to be made ASAP.

Example: if i got free reign to the BC with my heralds, bloodthirster or any of the BLs at this point, i usualy want to use a frenzy piece as the 2nd try to get a result giving me the injury roll at times are really nice, at other times were the followup frenzy move could be into 2 dice againsts i usualy want to use a BL if at all possible. So that is what goes trough my mind before i start using the blitz move.

Goal for Khorne is and must be to knock down as many players as possible each turn or if you arent marked with all your players, knockdown those that are marked, and move the rest up to screen the ball if your the reciving/ballcarring team for the score.having as few marked players as possible each turn or having the opponents pieces on the floor means that he often only got 1 block on you each turn with his blitzer, and also often means he moves in to mark up you each turn (if its a finess team he will move away and screen you with as few marked players as possible to force you to make that one blitz per turn, just hope for a fail dodge as early as possible then bash down those still standing ASAP)

This gameplay is similar to Norse and Amazon teams they want the opponent on the floor as much as possible or to minimize the number of marked players each turn so the opponent throws as few blocks as humanly possible each and every turn, to minimize that AV7 to give the opponent the number advantage. Khorne sure got AV8 but at times becouse of the frenzy that AV8 seems like much lower. as you cant decide not to followup a failed Knockdown, and therefor endup were you dont want your players, close to one or more opponent pieces.

After all 2 dice blocks, moves and standing up of players i do the ball handling, be it getting the ball or protecting the ball.

And lastly in each turn, also a little depeding on what i have been doing i do either the 1 dice blocks if 60%+ of my opponents are down i start using my 1 dice blocks to either free players or push them into assists or hope for a knockdown so he have to stand up even more players his next turn!

If im moving the ball and starting punching my way trough a flank i start advancing up with the blitzers first, then the free players, then the players i manage to block free with said guard or assist blocks. And then if i have a nice screen setup i start doding and reinforcing my advancing flank with the players in the middle or on the "other" side of the field. as AGI3 dodging without dodge (hey even with dodge) tend to fail at times i do that as the LAST thing each turn. sometimes a failed dodge is so much better than a MB/CLAW/PO player so dodging away from those are priority one, then i move to the less "risky" marked players, hopefully i can move away all of them but at times you will get a ONE and RR into another ONE then you just have to pray to Khorne and nuffle to be gentle when the opponent dash out his PAIN! "The blood god takes and the blood god gives! and nuffle be praised!"

The Defence! "Skulls for the Skullthrone!"
Its time to Organized that defence, standup players, move free players to were they are needed, in support, or in the screening. But some players laying on the ground it can be worth making a mental note over. are they to exposed! then dont raise them up yet, or even can one of those be worth the risk to at end of your turn start trying to dodge out of TZs? Take a few mental moments to gather that info up. Sometimes doding away and reinforcing the defence at spots might be worth it AGI3 dodging isnt THAT bad even when it at times always feels like it fails when it really really cant fail! Now lets head to the next part! the i will hurt you part and always one of the crucial parts of any turn!

Defence play with khorne is mostly as with other bash teams, Blitz a target each turn! the more juicy the better! ballcarrier, killers, or high lvl players! The choice for this is mainly the BT depending if you can get him to not endup in a exposed possition! If your a little worried and cant let an opportunity to be wasted with a 1 roll for WA then used your killer, and same here if your really need/want the blitz but you can endup in an exposed posstion sometimes a less "valuable" player might do the trick as a pitfighter or the BL as he dosent need to followup as the rest of the do (a BL probably is the best choice in these cases!)

After your "daily" blitz is done. Probably with mixed result depending on what blitzed. Now we move to the risky move part!... here you try to bring back those mental notes. and weight of whats to risky and what is worth trying before the other moves? Becose sometimes nuffle just love us and will give you 10 dodges in a row. even a few of those out of several TZ and at others times he will make you fall flat on your face on your first move. But here is when you weight in the risk and the award and start praying!

I usualy start with 1 dice blocks i i got any of those. I have noticed that i have a tendancy to acutally block more with frenzy pieces as even a push result can mean that u get an assist on your next try and get 2 dice to pickfrom instead of the one most none frenzy players always gets. Usualy pick the blocks were that possibilty can happen, then move to the other blocks were i dont gona get that advantage on the second frenzy roll. If were successful. I usualy check for that player i really want to avoid giving a free block on me and try to dodge away from him. if successful i move on until im done or until i fail that dodge roll.

The Blitz! "Blood for the Blood God!"
Picking order for me for main choice of blitzer heralds>BT>BLs

Here is what i LOVE with the Khorne team! Horns! you gota love STR4 on blitzes! And Juggernaut until you get block this makes the BL/Herald/BT blitzes reliable! and frenzy! at the startup to get a "free" reroll if you get Skull+Pushed the follow up frenzy move gives you one more chance go to get Stumbles or POW and thats bash-love!

Thats also the reason i love the BT + heralds x2 + BL x1 + PF x7 roster! you always somewere on the field got a horn/jugger/frenzy (exept the BLs) player close to opponents screen/cage or ballcarrier as you can cover the field better with up to 7 potential blitzers (even if i prefer 3 of those more).

Or if your the reciver you always got one of those 4-7 players close to your "target" be it his killer, his weakest link like a niggling, AV- injured or general low AV player and that must be your main targets each turn. And if your moving the ball trough a flank or opening that blitzer will be your spearhead trough were you will get your screen/cage moving for the TD! And sure BLs got horn, but at times frenzy will mean a bigger chance for a injury roll or a potential surf thats why i like heralds/BTs over BLs!

So each turn i look around on my part of the pitch after my prefered blitzer. if hes marked i look for the next, and so on until i find either a free piece to blitz with or if i got a piece i can block free, either one besides a guard so i get 2 dice, or besides an assist so i get 2 dice. Always always start with the secure blocks as covered earlier.

When you got your blitzer of choice free..... BLITZ!

This one can be anyone in a "vanilla" khorne team without an agi upgrade! as all three of the BL/Herald/PF can get surehands as a lvlup. Ideal would be a BL as they have AV7 so keeping them away from harms way is a good compromise! as it is for me i have gotten an AGI 4 herald on each and every team i have created so far (3 teams) so for me the choise is obvious! but if you arent as lucky as me i would recomend a BL as the pitfighters jobb is to keep opponents from bashing in your AV7 and your oftest mostly evolved heralds!

General toughts
Bloodthirster = Depeding on evolution (doubles or not) hes the AV8-10 killer that should be hitting one AV8+ piece a turn!) if you get block he should stop to be the main blitzer (until that point that hes the closest or the only one being able to blitz) and always use him after the more "secure" blocks so when the "rare?" double or tripple skulls happens and loner fails and your RR is wasted and a turnover happens. BT blocks should be one of the last blocks to be thrown! but before other risky moves tho as doding, and 1 dice blocking!

Pitfighers = cannon fodder in general (except your double rolls which should be GUARD any day any time anywere!) and the occational leader you got selected! Guard PF should be protected and even given apoth use, but when to use apoth is always a hard judgment to make. but block, even block, leader PF should be ignored with the apoth really, if its not turn 14-16 then its a weight off if anythings gona happen to your guys anymore.

Heralds = killers/supporters! MB/block/guard/tackle barring stat increases, doubles dodge to make them more mobile.

Bloodletters = three blodgers/guard/SS or a combo of blogers, wrodgers if you like ballstealers. yeah i know having BLs as support is against my opinions to avoid AV7 near harms way but 3 BLs in harms way is better than all 4. And i promise you the opposing teams main blitz will be either your killer herald or the bloodthirster, especially if you have showcased what they truly can do! (or if he has seen what claw pieces can do!) and a PO herald is also maintarget of the blitz, sure once those are out of the way the BLs will be in dire shit but thats way down the road hopefully you will PO kill his killer(s) or foul the shit out of them!

Further down i have writen about my tries with bloodletter as killers with MB/PO/block/tackle but so far none i got lvled far enough to decide if heralds or BLs are the best killers in a khorne team, but to be honest i think its a preference really!

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Jouer Khorne
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